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Johanna Leipold was born in Munich/Germany on 4thJan.1947.
She  prefers painting acrylics on canvas and focuses on expressive figure paintings. She emphatically employs colors to describe people´s physiognomy and postures. That way she manages to point with a satiric undertone to some idiosyncrasies of the persons portrayed. By isolating the people from their usual surrounding, these idiosyncrasies appear to be even greater. (Citation: Dr Stephan Kunkler)

Johanna Leipold can look back on numerous exhibitions in Europe. Since 2007 she successfully participated the Artexpo New York, CIGE Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair, LDX Gallery Beijing. 2011 her paintings will be shown at Taipei International Art Fair, in  LDX Gallery Beijing and in Austrian galleries.In the future, she is represented by LDX Galleries worldwide.


A-8793 Trofaiach / Gai / +43 (0) 676 4770426 or + 43 (0) 3847 3117

Member of Bildrecht Wien

Verwertungsgesellschaft Bildende Kunst,Fotografie und Choreografie GmbH


Johanna Leipold194714日出生于德国的慕尼黑。在慕尼黑结束艺术教育的学习之后,她前往奥地利,同时与F.P.Hofbauer一起参加艺术课程。

Johanna Leipold擅于在帆布上绘制丙烯画,侧重于表现具体形象。她重点描绘人物的外貌和姿势,通过这种方法体现人物暗含的特质。通过把这些人物同其日常环境分离,这种特质的体现将会更加显著。

Johanna Leipold在欧洲参加过多次展览。2007年及2008年,她成功地在纽约国际艺术博览会上展出作品。目前由Artodrome画廊负责她在世界范围内的推广宣传。


Johanna Leipold - freelance artist

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