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ART FOR  EVERYDAY LIFE / studio Johanna Leipold / 1994-2011

When I started my training with the Austrian artist, Master of Arts. Frank-Peter Hofbauer , I knew that I wanted to use my painting skills as extensive as possible.. So I watched the next few years as a training for the various artistic expressions.
I was working for one year only one theme:
1994/95 Portrait
1995 / 96 Nude
1996 / 97 The woman today
1997/98 Abstraction
1998/99 Current Affairs

After these experiences it was important for me to show my artistic diversity.
So I still edit multiple screens simultaneously, alternating between representational and abstract oil and acrylic paintings and graphics.


日常生活作品/ Johanna Leipold工作室 / 1994-2011


當我開始與澳大利亞藝術家、藝術大師Frank-Peter Hofbauer有來往時,我就知道我想要更加廣泛地運用我的繪畫技巧。因此,我將接下來的幾年看成是對不同藝術表達方式的訓練。


1994/95 肖像畫

1995 / 96  人体

1996 / 97 今日女性

1997/98 抽象畫

1998/99 時事






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