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Shanghai Artfair 2010 with LDX Galleries Beijing°Berlin


22.05. - 30. 06. 2010

LDX Gallery Beijing  / Exhibition "Art Against Crisis"

Beijing LDX Contemporary Art Center, founded by the artist Xu Hui, was established in 2008. The Center , which is located in the famous cultural industry base core Song Zhuang Art Park, with the Arts Center building area of 6000 square meters, was designed by the German designer Pasa and Martiars. Its unique aesthetic style has become the landmark of heart area of Song Zhuang Arts Center.

Beijing Long De Xuan Contemporary Art Center aims to promote the contemporary art, emphasizing the experiment of arts and academic freedom, especially dedicated to open up a green channel for young artists and new thinking of arts, to offer a good exchange camp for the domestic and foreign senior, cutting-edge artists, critics and curators, to seek the greatest possible evolution of the development of Chinese contemporary art in the Context of globalization.


26. 06. bis 30. 07. 2010:

Exhibition: "Five Years Artodrome Gallery"

After careful consideration and analysis, the CIGE selection committee is proud to present the most outstanding international artwork in this year’s showcase. The selection process was driven both by an internal standard of quality, as well as by the needs and tastes of the contemporary art market. Through its rigorous selection process CIGE exudes an influence on the trends in the contemporary art styles and art market trends.
This year CIGE will feature art galleries from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as a plethora of outstanding Chinese galleries. Spread across the palatial exhibition hall will be artwork representative of diverse styles and techniques, of artists both young and old, groundbreaking, established and emerging. Several special exhibits will be organized for the public.

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Johanna Leipold - freelance artist

Learn more by Johanna Leipold in our interview of the week.

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